CraftMetrics is the home of the CMPI, the next generation personality assessment from the creator of the CPQ personality test, Dr. Larry Craft. Our tools help clients to identify exceptional candidates, and to maximize productivity with their current employees.

Free test Offer for Anyone (limited time only)

CraftMetrics International has completed a new version of our personality assessment which we are calling the TeamBuilder Survey. We would like to offer you -- anyone -- a complimentary (free!) personality profile.

How to Take the Free Test

Click on the checkbox to the left of the "I'm not a robot" security device, then click on the "Begin Free Test Now" button below.

Make sure your browser allows a new window to be created. The free test will appear in a new window; your free report will appear in a new window, too.

Why are we doing this?

In order to collect data to validate our new personality assessment. As a thank-you for completing it, we are offering an on-screen, free, downloadable, 8 page report that provides insight into your personality along with expert advice on how to improve your communication with others.

We will not contact you for anyone reason whatsoever after you take the test.

For other questions about this offer, or about CraftMetrics, please see the FAQs below.

Policies and FAQs

Privacy Policy

CraftMetrics will not ask for, nor will it otherwise acquire or save, any personal information (name, email address, etc.) CraftMetrics reserves the right to use, in aggregate and without any personal identification, your anonymous assessment data to help further our research efforts.

Customer Service Policy

Since no personal information is being collected, no support will be possible. Individual inquiries for support will not be responded to.


Q. How do I learn more about your professional services?
A. Please contact CraftMetrics (see "Contact Us" link above under "About Us") for more information. We offer dozens of reports for hiring and employee training.

Q. How do I access the free report?
A. After you complete the assessment, on your web browser's screen you'll be given a link to "Open your free TeamBuilder Profile". Clicking on that link will create your free, personalized report immediately. The report is a PDF. Use your browser's normal functions to save or print the report so that you can refer to it in the future.

Q. What if I get cut off in the middle of the assessment?
A. You'll have to start again from the beginning.

Q. If I'm having some other problem, what do you recommend?
A. The only solution is to start again from the beginning. We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. If you have problems, shut down as many windows and software programs as possible, then try again.

Q. Can I share this link with others?
A. Please do!

Q. How long will this offer remain available?
A. Once we have collected enough data, this offer will end. No prior notice will be given.