CraftMetrics is the home of the CMPI, the next generation personality assessment from the creator of the CPQ personality test, Dr. Larry Craft. Our tools help clients to identify exceptional candidates, and to maximize productivity with their current employees.

3D Interview Guide

The 3D Interview Guide details a comprehensive selection process to help with any hiring situation. Here is a brief overview of what the process entails.

The 3D Interview Guide will help you to measure the three dimensions of success:

  • Can Do, the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed;
  • Will Do, the internal motivation that drives people to achieve; and
  • Follow-Through, the persistence, purpose, and ability to prioritze efforts.

A scoring system is provided to help measure each candidate.

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Details on how to arrange for a structured and systematic approach on how to prepare for the interview, potentially using multiple interviewers, are provided.

Several interviewing tips demonstrate how to maximize the usefulness of the information gathered during the process.


A three step process allows you to focus one step on each of the three dimensions of success. Step one's initial interview is targeted for the Can Do skills and experience. Step two provides Will Do feedback, ideally derived from the CMPI. Lastly, an in-depth interview can concentrate of the Follow-Through dimension in step three.

The 3D Interview Guide provides numerous, specific, and detailed interview questions for both the initial interview and the in-depth interview steps.

An overall selection scoring system sums up all of the data gathered throughout the process to produce a total score for each candidate.