CraftMetrics is the home of the CMPI, the next generation personality assessment from the creator of the CPQ personality test, Dr. Larry Craft. Our tools help clients to identify exceptional candidates, and to maximize productivity with their current employees.

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A personal note from Dr. Larry L. Craft:

Compliance, consistency, accountability. These are the foundations of every large corporation. However, the larger the organization, the bigger the problems, especially when it comes to changing or implementing a new employee selection program. First you have to get "buy in" from your managers to increase their motivation to follow the new program. Next, you'll have to monitor their compliance and consistency by holding them accountable. Then you'll need the data that monitors your managers' activity and efficiency.



CraftMetrics has developed a turn-key employee selection system that ensures compliance, consistency, and accountability. The revolutionary 3D Interview Guide system is comprised of an initial interview that measures core competencies, a personality profile that measures drive and motivation and a general intelligence assessment that provides detailed feedback on three critical learning areas (linguistic, problem-solving, and quantitative), and an in-depth interview that measures motivation, work ethic, and self-discipline. By assessing these three dimensions of success, you can more effectively predict success and increase employee retention.

To learn more about our 3D Interview Guide system, start by taking a complimentary administration of our personality assessment below.