CraftMetrics is the home of the CMPI, the next generation perpsonality assessment from the creator of the CPQ personality test, Dr. Larry Craft. Our tools help clients to identify exceptional candidates, and to maximize productivity with their current employees.

Special Offer for Employers Only

We offer a complimentary personality profile for hiring managers, or coaching supervisors, who may be interested in using our assessments with their candidates / employees.

For your complimentary personality profile, please complete the form below and click on "Begin Test Now." Please use your official company email address since our complementary questionnaire is only available to actively hiring managers. Because we have numerous reports generated from the same questionnaire, please allow us to ask you a few questions regarding the purpose of your inquiry, so that we may customize our reports to your unique needs.

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Privacy Policy

CraftMetrics will not use any of the personal information (name, email address, etc.) you submit to our website, except to assist in solving any technical problem with our assessments. Specifically, we will not distribute or make available your personal information, or test results, to any third party for any reason whatsoever. Only we at CraftMetrics will have access to your information and reports. CraftMetrics does reserve the right to use, in aggregate and without any personal identification, assessment data to help further our research efforts.