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Automotive Services

A personal note from Dr. Larry L. Craft:

Today, automotive dealerships are facing their greatest challenge ever. Better-educated buyers can comparison shop for better deals easily and quickly. Moreover, everywhere you turn, there are new online services that helps the buyer find the best deal without having to walk into the showroom.

This problem requires that you hire a new breed of salesperson. You must hire more creative, goal-oriented "Race Horses" who have a sense of urgency and the proactive dynamic to "make things happen." They must be creative enough to find the buyer, relationship-centered enough to build buyer loyalty, and confident enough to close the sale. But beware. If you don't know exactly what you're doing, you'll end up hiring Race Horses who lack work ethic and reliability. The higher the ego-drive, the greater the chance of impulse control problems. And your industry has a reputation that has, in the past, had its problems.



If you're hiring too many Plow Horses and not enough Race Horses, we have a solution: CraftMetrics' 3D Interview Guide system, a powerful combination of pre-employment testing and interview questions that arms you with the tools you'll need to hire a more creative, dynamic sales force with the highest possible work ethic and reliability.

The 3D Interview Guide system succeeds by measuring all three dimensions of success: the Can Do skills, knowledge, and experience needed to succeed; the Will Do internal motivation that drives people to achieve; and the Follow-Through persistence, purpose, and ability to prioritze efforts. If you are interested in measuring your own Will Do profile, please accept our offer to try out the CMPI by taking advantage of our free "test the test" below.