Why CraftMetrics

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Minimize Applicant “Gaming”

The great majority of pre-employment tests are transparent and easily “gamed” by test-wise applicants. To prove the point, ask five or more existing employees to take your current employment test with specific instructions: “Don’t describe yourself; describe the ideal or perfect candidate for the job.” You’ll find that most of the questions asked on the assessment have an “ideal” response. Take those ideal responses and transfer them onto another assessment and send it in to your test distributor. Don’t be surprised when they tell you to “hire them!” You’ll find that you’ve been hiring test-wise applicants rather than qualified applicants, and the cost to you for these mistakes could be significant.

Dr. Larry Craft, CEO of CraftMetrics, has spent the past 30 years researching the field of “social desirability” and its impact upon the accuracy of personality questionnaires. He was the first test developer to include his unique “Ideal/Real” response set that consistently reminds the applicant to avoid the tendency to leave an unrealistically favorable impression. Over the years, more than 1,000,000 applicants and employees have taken his assessments and contributed to a wealth of knowledge that has led his research team to develop his newest generation of assessments that include the CraftMetrics Personality Inventory™ (CMPI), the CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey™ (CLAS), and the CraftMetrics BioData Survey™ (BDS). No other questionnaires in the industry measure the applicant’s responses in five different ways to determine if the applicant is trying to intentionally or unintentionally leave an unrealistically favorable impression. You can rest assured when you administer a CraftMetrics assessment that the results will be accurate.

Customize Your Platform

Another reason for considering CraftMetrics is that you have the flexibility of combining different assessments onto our platform and selecting different reports that describe the results either for your:

  • applicants (CMPI Hiring Reports);
  • employees (our SalesBuilder™ or TeamBuilder™ reports);
  • management team (our CMPI Coaching Reports for sales and non-sales positions)

When you register, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose which assessments you want and which reports you wish to receive immediately after the assessment is completed.

Avoid the “Forever Plan”

One of the frustrations shared by larger companies is the fact that they on the “forever plan” with most test vendors. Once you begin using their assessments, you will be paying “forever.” Our unique platform allows us to validate our assessments based on an internal sample of existing employees and applicants, thus allowing us to offer larger companies the option of owning the assessments without continuing to pay monthly or annual fees to a test vendor.