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Hiring and Developing Peak Performers

Larry L. Craft has provided testing and consulting services to managers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Over 1,000,000 “Craft Tests” have been administered over the past 30 years for employee selection, employee motivation and development, or workshops and training. Our unique system reduces the complexity of employee selection to three basic areas, and then provides you with the tools to assess each area. To measure your candidate’s personality and motivation, we recommend the CraftMetrics Personality Inventory™ (CMPI); to measure skills, knowledge and experience, we recommend our CraftMetrics BioData Survey™, and to measure learning style, we recommend our CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey™ (CLAS) which is one of the only intelligence tests to measure both speed of response and accuracy of response.

For as little as most companies charge for their tests alone, you can receive a complete and comprehensive hiring system that measures all three dimensions of success using easily administered online questionnaires that provide immediate results. Unlike other companies, we offer a complete, personalized hiring system, not just a test. For over 30 years, we have been providing solutions to both large and small corporations and have pioneered numerous selection technologies. We’ve listened to your problems and have provided practical and cost-effective solutions. Here are a few problems we’ve addressed in our dynamic history:

ProblemMost pre-employment tests don’t measure your employee’s “Fire in the Belly” (drive and motivation)
Solution: Literally dozens of studies involving our personality tests have found relationships between employee productivity and our test scores. By using our system, you will hire fewer “Plow Horses” who lack the drive and motivation to be peak performers and more “Race Horses” who have the creativity and drive to be successful.

Problem: Most widely used personality tests use “adjective checklist” responses (select the adjective that best describes you) which have been found to be less accurate.
Solution:  If the assessment has the word “index” in its title or four initials to represent what it measures, it is primarily used for coaching/training and workshops, not employee selection. Compare their research guide with that of the CMPI that has multiple, formal validation studies that show its predictive power.

Problem:  Most selection systems are incomplete and place a heavy emphasis on personality testing.
Solution: It makes intuitive sense that, in many positions, intelligence or job experience is more important than personality (accountants, sales engineers, etc.). Because of this fact, CraftMetrics provides employers with the complete system including intelligence testing (CLAS), an assessment that measure the applicant’s skills, knowledge, and experience (BDS), and interview questions designed to measure work ethic and persistence. Allow us to “Craft” the perfect combination for your specific needs.

ProblemNearly all personality tests and interview questions can be “faked.”
Solution: CraftMetrics’ personality test is the only questionnaire in the country that employs multiple psychometric tools to minimize applicant “faking” and measure it. While most tests were originally developed either in mental health institutions or for self-insight, our system was developed specifically for employee selection and development. As a result, no other competitor can offer more accurate, proven results.

ProblemTesting is too expensive.
Solution: Our selection system is one of the least expensive, most comprehensive and highly validated systems available. For minimal cost, you can receive complete results that measure all three dimensions of success. In addition, the results can be used to motivate and develop your employees based upon their unique personality.

ProblemTesting takes too long. Impatient candidates are lost to the competition.
Solution: Using our system, you can now make a hiring decision in the shortest time possible and rest assured that you have thoroughly and effectively screened your candidate’s job skills, motivation, intelligence and work ethic. Your candidate won’t spend more than 30-40 minutes to complete our online testing. Test results are available to employers within seconds of test completion. As a result, your candidate will respect your organization’s comprehensive, yet efficient selection process.

ProblemOnce I administer the test, I am confused as to what I should do with the test results.
Solution: While many employment systems tell you “the best candidate,” our system goes one step further by providing comprehensive profile reports to help you develop and motivate your new employee, based upon his or her unique personality and motivation. One of these reports can be given directly to the employee to provide self-insight and to improve communication or sales skills.

Problem: Most selection systems are inflexible, “off the shelf” systems.
Solution: For over 30 years, Dr. Larry Craft’s assessments have been customized for hundreds of major corporations such as AIG, K-Force, ADP, MetLife, and Hilton Hotels to fit within their unique selection process. We review your existing system and modify our selection system to provide the most efficient administration and report generation. As a result, you won’t have to throw away your present system to implement our program.

Problem: Most employee selection systems are difficult to administer in remote locations.
Solution: If you have managers throughout the country, our selection system can be “rolled out” with minimal training since the system has been refined to its most basic components. We use the advanced Internet technology to expedite remote scoring so that your managers can have immediate, self-explanatory results.