Sales Managers Only

Hiring Employees

Most sales personnel are trained to leave a good impression. Too many will say or do whatever is necessary to get the job, especially if there is a salary or benefits involved. After you’ve invested months of time and money, you discover that your new salesperson lacks drive/motivation. Now there’s a revolutionary “fake-proof” hiring tool, the CMPI that can “see through” to the real person and tell you whether you have a goal-oriented “Racehorse” or an easy-going “Plow Horse.” Use the CMPI in combination with online application for employment (BioData Survey), our intelligence test, and interview guide to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Sharpen your hiring skills with our CraftMetrics’ workshops.

Motivating Employees

The old saying, “You can’t motivate others, they must motivate themselves” just isn’t true. For those who are motivated by status/prestige recognition, you can always have a few contests and awards ceremonies. For those who are motivated by relationships, you can periodically take them to lunch or send them personal notes. To best motivate your sales personnel, you must first understand what “makes them tick” and then personalize your leadership style to their unique and special needs. Administer our CMPI questionnaire that tells you how to motivate your employees based upon their unique personality. Follow-up with our personalized attitude surveys that tell you what is affecting their motivation. Provide them with our workshops to increase their expectations of success.

Training Employees

Because of their naturally restless personality, your highly successful “Racehorse” sales personnel are often “looking for greener pastures.” Because of their goal-oriented impatience, they become quite frustrated when they don’t receive the attention or the personalized training they require. As a result, their loyalty yields to opportunism. Administer our CMPI to assess their motivation, our personalized sales skills assessment to assess their competency, and our intelligence test to assess their aptitude to learn. Then use these results to personalize each salesperson’s training and development. You can follow-up with our CraftMetrics’ workshops. You’ll find that you’ll retain the employees you train.

Other Products/Services

Though our assessments and interviewing guide are all most companies need to hire peak performing employees, we also offer personalized products to measure sales skills and employee attitude. For larger companies, we develop personalized selection systems to minimize EEOC and ADA litigation and formalize the hiring process. In addition, our consultants offer keynote presentations and training workshops on hiring, sales, and communication.

A Personal Note to Sales Managers
from Dr. Larry Craft

In the 1970’s, I began my professional career in sales. After a successful sales career, I was “promoted” into management and was responsible for recruiting and selecting salespeople. I quickly became frustrated by how long most assessments took to administer and score. When I finally received the interpretive reports a week or two later, they were filled with terms commonly used in the field of psychology, not business. So I created my own personality assessment and attended the University of Houston to receive my graduate degree in Psychology. My Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation focused on the reliability and validity of the assessment. My research (published in the Journal of Psychology) found that my written interpretive reports were free of “The Barnum Effect” found in horoscopic journalism where we say, “that’s me” even if we receive someone else’s report.

Over the decades, I’ve now developed and validated three personality assessments. The 3rd generation assessment, the CraftMetrics Personality Inventory (CMPI) only takes 15-20 minutes to complete but uses the most advanced Internet and psychometric technologies to reduce and measure “applicant faking” which is the salesperson’s attempt to “game” the test in order to leave a more favorable impression (to get hired). It also instantly generates four different reports that are invaluable to sales managers.

The SalesBuilder Profile Report – – This brief (5-pages) report provides the salesperson with specific ways in which s/he can recognize the different buying styles and communicate with empathy and versatility, using the prospective buyer’s language. The language in the report is user-friendly and avoids critical comments and “psychobabble.”

The TeamBuilder Profile Report – – Similar to the SalesBuilder report, but without sales terminology, this report is designed to help employees communicate with others who may have a different communication style, including management.

The Sales Manager’s Report – – This 10-page report describes the salesperson in terms of the basic eight personality traits that are common to nearly every personality questionnaire in the industry. The salesperson’s strengths and improvement opportunities are described in detail along with specific supervisory recommendations for the manager to more effectively coach and motivate the salesperson.

The Sales Manager’s Self-report – – Similar to the Sales Manager’s Report (above), this report is to be given directly to the sales manager after the sales manager completes the CMPI. The language is user-friendly and non-critical, yet describes the strengths and improvement opportunities that are designed to provide the sales manager with self-insight to become a more effective and efficient leader.

As an initial step to this new relationship, would you please give us the professional courtesy of having a member of your staff complete our complimentary CMPI personality profile on this web site. You and/or your employee will receive over 15-pages of coaching tips and ways in which you can communicate more effectively based on the employee’s responses to this brief questionnaire. You will quickly understand why our assessments have been used by thousands of small businesses over the past 30 years.

We look forward to serving you. Dr. Larry Craft