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Over and over again you have told us that you don’t want to be “sold” a bill of goods. Instead you want a one-stop website that provides you with essential information that helps you reduce turnover and save time and money. Since 1978, Dr. Larry Craft has provided employment-testing services to literally thousands of employers around the globe. Whether you are seeking a state-of-the-art personality assessment, a proven aptitude/intelligence test, or a skills, knowledge and values assessment, CraftMetrics is available to meet your needs. You may want to avoid “off-the-shelf” tests and have our company develop and validate your own selection system, saving you tens of thousands of dollars each year. Or you just might want to visit our Resource Center to download articles that have been personally selected to meet your needs. Enter our Gateway to receive personalized information for HR Professionals only.

A Personal Note to Human Resource Professionals
from Dr. Larry L. Craft, CEO…

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Over the past 30 years, I have worked closely with Human Resource departments and found that that quality and cost are the main reasons we have been chosen as their primary vendor for pre-employment assessments. When it comes to quality, you expect your assessments to hold up against the scrutiny of Federal requirements. You want your assessments to have the highest validity coefficients in the industry. When it comes to cost, you expect the lowest possible price “per scoring” or the option of paying a flat fee per month that allows you to use the assessments as often as you need. You also want the option of developing your own assessments, validated on your own employees and applicants, and the right to own the assessments over time.

CraftMetrics can meet all your expectations. We employ state-of-the-art technology to measure and adjust for the most significant problem faced by those who administer employment tests: applicants who “game” the test to leave a socially desirable impression. Whatever assessment you are now using, simply administer it to a group of your employees and ask them to respond as if they are applying for a job with your company. Then take their average response for each question and complete a single assessment using those responses. Submit it to your vendor, and most likely you’ll receive back a report that tells you to hire your fictitious candidate. You can imagine how much money your company is losing by hiring candidates who are not responding honestly to your assessments.

As an initial step to this new relationship, would you please give us the professional courtesy of having a member of your staff complete our complimentary personality profile on this web site. You and your employee will receive over 15 pages that include coaching tips and ways to communicate more effectively based on the employee’s responses to this 15-minute questionnaire. You will quickly understand why our organization is an industry leader in providing assessment tools to human resource managers.

We look forward to serving you. Dr. Larry Craft