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The CraftMetrics Personality Inventory (CMPI) Interpretive Reports

Upon the completion of this 20-minute personality assessment, employers receive their choice of the following interpretive reports:

CMPI Position Compatibility Charts (1-page plus related interview questions): This report graphically describes your candidate in terms of your choice of over two dozen different positions ranging from Outside Sales to Receptionist and provides managers with a Compatibility Score and the estimated number of coaching hours that may be required as the result of incompatibilities with the position.

CMPI “Snapshot” Brief Reports (5-pages): Hiring managers appreciate this report’s concise explanation of each of the core personality traits and secondary traits and the popular 4-style graph. Sales and Non-sales reports are available.

CMPI Coaching/Training Reports (12 pages): These detailed reports are used by managers/coaches to help improve the productivity of an existing employee. Strengths, improvement opportunities, and supervisory recommendations are provided. Sales and Non-sales reports are available.

CMPI Seminar/Workshop Hand-outs (7-pages): These user-friendly reports are given to the individual who completed the assessment for increased productivity or personal insight. SalesBuilder™ improves sales versatility while TeamBuilder™ helps non-sales employees communicate more effectively with different styles.

CMPI CultureStyle Group/Team Analysis (2-pages): These multi-person reports assess a work unit’s own unique group culture to see how each individual in that work unit will compare to the group’s overall identity in order to increase the work unit’s effectiveness. Up to 40 employees can participate and see where they fall on the popular 4-style grid (Directive, Expressive, Supportive, and Reflective).

The CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey (CLAS) Interpretive Report

Upon the completion of this unique 20-minute intelligence test, employers receive the following report:

The CLAS 4-Style Analysis: The CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey measures the applicant’s ability to handle complex job duties. It has been our experience that any selection system is incomplete if you don’t know the candidate’s capacity to learn your job duties and perform them efficiently and effectively. Even in sales positions, learning aptitude is important. Sales reps often have licensing requirements, multiple product lines, or positions that require a basic understanding of math or finance. When an existing employee has problems in this area, management seldom recognizes it until it is too late. Either the employee has quit out of frustration or the employee has made a costly mistake. The applicant scores are normed against a data-base of over 4,000 applicants and employees and described as one of four learning styles: Intuitive, Analytical, Impatient, or Deliberate.

The CraftMetrics Bio-data Survey (BDS) Interpretive Report

Upon the completion of this 20-minute online applicant interview, employers receive the following report:

The BDS Survey Report: This Internet-based survey is designed to replace your application for employment and eliminate the need for resumes. You just attach our link to your corporate website or job board and receive surveys automatically each time an applicant completes the survey. The BDS measures the five factors that represent the applicant’s Skills, Knowledge, and Values. These factors include Employment Stability, Employment Expectations, Education/Training, Work Ethic/Self-discipline, and Drive/Motivation. Each question that measures these five factors is psychometrically designed to minimize applicant “gaming” and inaccuracies. With a quick glance, you’ll quickly be able to determine whether your applicant is qualified to proceed to the personal interview.