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Our History
In 1975, while employed as a manager in the financial services industry, Larry Craft administered paper and pencil personality tests to applicants for sales positions. Once the test was completed, the hiring decision was delayed as psychologists produced the reports and made their recommendations. He began to research the major questionnaires being used to hire employees and found that they were initially developed by psychologists who used the assessments to diagnose mental illness. He also noticed that the questions were “transparent” and easy for employees, especially salespeople, to “fake” the test to get the best score.

As a result of these problems, he developed his own personality questionnaire, The Comprehensive Personality Profile (CPP), and later developed the nation’s first software-based scoring routines that actually reduced applicant “faking” and provided managers with instant test results, including multi-page supervisory reports. After receiving his doctoral degree, Dr. Craft developed his second generation personality profile, The CPQ. Both the CPP and CPQ have now been administered over 1,000,000 times by thousands of managers around the world.

Our Mission/Purpose
Most recently, Dr. Craft founded CraftMetrics International, Inc. and developed his newest generation assessments which include his CraftMetrics BioData Survey and CraftMetrics Personality Inventory (CMPI). The company’s mission is to identify and measure the factors that predict peak performance. His assessments’ have been built to allow customization and personalization to client companies and distributors around the world. Larger companies use CraftMetrics to develop their own proprietary assessments, normed on their own population of employees.