Client List

We have worked with many companies over the years. Here is a sample listing of some: MetLife, Nokia, FedEx, KForce, Hilton Hotels, Farmers Insurance, AIG, Snelling Personnel, Mitsubishi, Principal Financial Group, and New York Life.



“Whether you have 10 or 100,000 employees, Dr. Craft offers a practical approach for identifying your own qualities and characteristics and how to use them to recruit, retain, motivate, and understand your employees.”

Robert H. Benmosche, Former Chairman of the Board and CEO AIG, and MetLife Inc.

“We have been the largest US distributor and the only Asian distributor of Dr. Craft’s personality test for the past 12 years. We have helped over 8000 small and large cap companies, nationally and globally, to hire the right people based on their natural aptitude for the job. Most of these companies have also used the Craft employment system to help employees develop all four levels of emotional intelligence. Our customers have found ‘CraftTests’ to be powerfully predictive.”

John Asher, CEO, Asher Strategies and US/China Business Solutions

“While in management at MetLife, I saw first-hand how the CraftSystem literally changed the culture as the company began to hire more ‘Racehorses’ and fewer ‘Plow Horses’. Over the years that Dr. Craft’s employment tests were used, MetLife’s LIMRA agent retention rate improved significantly along with agent productivity. I recommend the Craft employment system to any company that wants to build a team of peak performers.”

Robert H. Baccigalupi CLU, ChFC, CLTC , Past President, GAMA International

“Our company has used the Dr. Craft’s personality tests for over ten years and the most recent research has found his CraftMetrics Personality Inventory (CMPI) has a most significant and positive impact on our ROI. In our company, his assessment has consistently been a statistically strong predictor of identifying candidates that fit our firm’s culture and standards which have led to greater productivity. “

Edward G. Deutschlander, CEO, North Star Resource Group

“I have used Craft personality assessments for the last 15 years. While head of Sales Development for Time Warner Cable Media Sales, we used it as a predictor of success for a sales force of over 1,000 account executives and sales managers. Not only can you predict success with it, you can give your sales managers and HR managers a valuable tool for discussing and making decisions on each candidate in an accurate and fair assessment process.”

Tim Young, CEO, HyperSolar, Inc.

“CraftMetrics has provided tremendous value to our multi-unit restaurant group. Over the last five years we have been under a major renovation program rebuilding all three of our high volume restaurants. Equally important has been the development of our culinary team and our front of the house staff. The personality and intelligence information that has been provided as a result of our relationship with Dr. Craft has been invaluable! I only wish I had had this incredible tool twenty years ago.”

Ed Chiles, CEO, The Chiles Group

“In conjunction with a variety of our clients, we have used each iteration of Dr. Craft’s personality profile for over 25 years now. We continue to apply them to both performance improvement and recruitment programs with equal success. In terms of ease of use, specific relevance to sales, and their ability to sort the sheep from the goats, Dr. Craft’s sales profiles are without equal. We have looked at many other instruments over that period but none has enticed us to change allegiance.”

Jeffrey Bean, CEO, Sales Team Focus Ltd.

“Our company has used the CraftMetrics Personality Inventory extensively over the past few years in the hiring process and for our existing employees to better understand the personalities of their co-workers. It has been invaluable, highlighting exceptional prospective new hires and revealing areas for future personal development with our existing staff. I Would never hire again without the CMPI !”

Cary A. Veith, PhD, President, Esprix Technologies

“Dr. Craft’s personality tests have enabled our organization to take many smart decisions on hiring and coaching of our sales staff. While the tests have been validated to predict superior productivity, the coaching reports are a great tool to help managers proactively shape the desired behaviors in employees.”

Nikhil Prabhu (Formerly, HR Business Partner, Kotak Life, Mumbai, India)