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The CraftMetrics Personality Inventory (CMPI)

The CraftMetrics Personality Inventory is the latest generation “Craft Test.” This unique assessment measures the Core Components of the personality traits that are measured by nearly all the popular personality assessments. These Core Components are then combined to measure “Ego Drive” and “Empathy” along with over a dozen additional secondary traits such as “Prospecting Motivation” and “Proficiency to Manage Time and Resources.” While many of these secondary traits relate to sales performance, others relate to management performance and others to non-sales/administrative performance. These CMPI Core Components have been found to predict performance in numerous industries and job descriptions (see this Web site’s Home Page).

The CMPI begins by asking the candidate to read and respond to questions about an introductory paragraph (explaining how important it is to avoid the temptation to “sell yourself” to leave an unrealistically favorable impression). The applicant is then asked to describe the “ideal or perfect candidate” prior to describing themselves. This process of repeatedly emphasizing the importance of honesty when responding to the questions has been found to significantly reduce the candidates’ tendency to describe themselves in an unrealistically favorable way. Responses from over 1,000,000 applicants have been statistically analyzed over the past 30 years to provide scoring algorithms to help determine when an applicant’s responses are unrealistically favorable and inaccurate. As a result of these algorithms, management receives an “Accuracy Score” that determines if the results should be depended upon. For those applicants with low or moderate Accuracy Scores, follow-up interview questions are automatically generated for the manager. No other employment test in the industry employs such precise psychometric methodologies to thwart and measure this most important source of error variance.

This wealth of information is then normed against the most representative population on each of nine personality traits to generate a position-specific “CMPI Job Compatibility Score.” Once you have tested enough applicants or employees, company-specific job compatibility scores are developed.


The CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey (CLAS)

The CraftMetrics Learning Aptitude Survey measures the applicant’s ability to handle complex job duties. It has been our experience that any selection system is incomplete if you don’t know the candidate’s capacity to learn your job duties and perform them efficiently and effectively. Even in sales positions, learning aptitude is important. Sales reps often have licensing requirements, multiple product lines, or positions that require a basic understanding of math or finance. When an existing employee has problems in this area, management seldom recognizes it until it is too late. Either the employee has quit out of frustration or the employee has made a costly mistake.


The CraftMetrics BioData Survey (BDS)

This 10-15 minute Internet-based survey is designed to replace your application for employment and eliminate the need for resumes. You just attach our link to your corporate website or job board and receive surveys automatically each time an applicant completes the survey. The BDS measures the five factors that represent the applicant’s Skills, Knowledge, and Values. These factors include Employment Stability, Employment Expectations, Education/Training, Work Ethic/Self-discipline, and Drive/Motivation. Each question that measures these five factors is psychometrically designed to minimize applicant “gaming” and inaccuracies. While resumes and applications for employment are rife with inaccuracies and exaggerations, you can rest assured your applicant’s BioData Survey has minimized or eliminated inaccurate information.