Measuring “Fire in the Belly”
by Dr. Larry Craft

In the late 1970’s as a sales manager, I noticed that our top salespeople had a unique proactive dynamic that intensely focused on each goal until it was acheived. I also noticed that the salespeople who failed to meet their weekly and monthly objectives lacked this “fire in the belly.” Though many personality tests during this time measured social confidence, none of them measured what was inside the individual. As a result, too often we were hiring “easy-going extroverts” who focused on the relationships and seldom on the goals/results that defined their success. It was if their sense of urgency didn’t exist.

It became my personal quest to measure this “fire in the belly” that I felt confident was the primary attribute of peak performers. Over the next 30 years, this belief was validated by research involving literally thousands of employees using three generations of personality tests, each assessment more accurate than its predecessor. Whatever personality test you are using, make sure it is not just measuring the individual’s social confidence (what you see in the personal interview). Make sure it measures what is inside the employee that drives them to achieve their goals and achieve the highest levels of success.