* The CMPI has been vetted across multiple research studies conducted by PhD psychologists. Whether predicting sales volume or performance ratings, the CMPI predicts job success.

  • In three major studies (n=931), sales personnel scoring high vs. low on the CMPI had an average of 50% higher sales commissions.
  • In two major studies (n=470), sales personnel scoring high vs. low had an average of 24% better performance ratings by management.
  • In one analysis (n=461) based on revenues, it was found that hiring CMPI “High” scorers would increase sales revenue by over $20,000,000.

For more detailed information about our research, contact CraftMetrics and request our CMPI Research Guide.

About CraftMetrics International
For over 30 years, Dr. Larry Craft has provided employment test services to business and industry. Including Craft’s current generation test, the CMPI, along with his prior version, the CPQ, Craft has helped over a thousand employers worldwide to select and develop peak performing employees from the over 1,000,000 candidates who have taken our tests.
The “Craft Tests” succeed for two simple reasons:
  • Their unique ability to measure and predict peak performance,
  • They are easy and quick, both for the corporate administrator to offer, and for the candidate to complete.

In seconds, you can use our online system to invite your applicant (or employee, for coaching efforts) to take the tests: just type in the recipient’s name and email address and click a button. Immediately after a test is completed, you receive a link to review the test results.
It’s that simple.
The CraftMetrics Personality Inventory ™ (CMPI)
It’s a fact that applicants, especially sales personnel, know exactly how to “sell themselves” when taking a personality questionnaire. Our CraftMetrics Personality Inventory (CMPI) is a revolutionary personality test that employs proprietary, unique research to identify and minimize the applicant’s attempts to “game” the test. When this happens, you’ll be notified and provided with recommendations on how to handle each case.
For applicants who respond accurately to our employment test, you can quickly access the individual’s CMPI Compatibility Score which has been found to be significantly predictive of performance. The CMPI has been vetted across multiple research studies conducted by PhD psychologists over a fourteen month period from organizations with their own unique culture and product mix. The CMPI consistently identifies peak performers. Whether predicting sales volume or performance ratings, the CMPI Job Compatibility Rating statistically predicts job success.
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The CraftMetrics‘ Learning Aptitude Survey ™ (CLAS)
Your applicant’s personality is only part of the reason s/he succeeds or fails. Depending on the complexity of the job description and the availability of training, your applicant’s learning aptitude/intelligence can make the difference between high productivity and failure. Our brief intelligence test will tell you all you need to know about how quickly your new employee will respond to your training and the more complex job duties.
The CraftMetrics’ BioData Survey™ (BDS)
Resumes are nothing more than a sales tool rife with exaggerations (and sometimes outright lies) and should never be used for employee selection. Applications for employment leave too much room for applicants to omit information or provide only the information that looks good on paper. CraftMetrics’ BioData Survey asks the same questions online but in a way that forces applicants to be honest. Just as important, you’ll be able to statistically analyze their responses to determine which responses predict job performance. You can either use CraftMetrics’ BDS questions or customize the questions to your specific job descriptions.
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